A new system has been launched to help users deal with unsolicited telephone calls.

The system is called trueCall and Peter Jones invested in the company on Dragon’s Den.

BT trueCall is a unit which attaches to your phone. It checks telephone numbers before your phone will ring. Any unsolicited calls, marketing calls, sales calls, unwanted calls that you can add to your ‘Zap list’. Any of these numbers will be intercepted with “i’m afraid that we’re not interested in your call – please hang up now and don’t call us again”. This message can be changed to your own message or can be configured so that they just hear a ringing tone and will not know you are rejecting their calls.

Friends and Family (Your Star List)

Telephone numbers of your friends and family can be added to your Star List which means that when they call your number, it will not be intercepted by trueCall and will just ring through to your phone.

Announcing Numbers

Numbers that are not recognised as numbers in your Star List or Zap List will be announced by trueCall.

The caller will hear your personalised telephone message “eg, Hi you are through to Jo” and then it will say “please say your name after the tone” (you can change this message to your own). trueCall rings your phone and when you pick it up you will hear “you have a call from [states the person’s name]” and it provides you with a list of options eg press 1 to accept the call, etc.

Withheld numbers

trueCall can reject withheld numbers if you wish with a message which says “you have withheld your calling number so I cannot connect you”.

Users will need to have caller ID enabled on their phones to work with trueCall.

View the demo here.

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