Do you need to develop a digital marketing plan? Not sure where to start? We can help with consultancy, training or workshops.


All good plans start with an audit, this looks at

  • Where the organisation is now (SWOT, PESTLE)
  • What is the reach of the business online?
  • What is the competitor activity online and offline?
  • What levels of segmentation, targeting and positioning exist in the business?
  • What are your Online Value Propositions?
  • What is in your digital marketing mix?

The audit takes some time to develop and the better the audit, the better the plan. There is always a danger of moving direct to the plan, before assessing the external environment. Bizarrely, many people would not consider driving to an airport and picking a flight when they arrived and keeping their fingers crossed that they could find accommodation at their destination. You would not know what to pack, what jabs may be needed or how to prepare. Yet in business this is a daily occurrence. “We don’t need to do an audit, we know about our competitors” and the same businesses often comment later “we didn’t know they were doing that!”


When the audit is completed you can start creating your digital marketing strategy and consider your objectives. Some companies create objectives first and then the strategy, others look at strategy and then objectives. It’s about what works for your company and being agile enough to make changes if needed.


The plan looks at tactical aspects of the marketing mix. Will the product or service offer remain the same? Will prices or fees need to be adapted in a digital environment? How does this impact promotion?

We can help with workshops to develop your digital marketing plan or in-house consultancy working with teams to integrate marketing into the business.

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