• Many departments in different locations
  • Different skill levels
  • Not all departments want to work together
  • Not all heads of departments are convinced of the need to adopt digital marketing
  • Digital can be siloed in marketing

Digital Strategy Consultancy takes businesses through the steps needed to start the digital journey. Together we create a roadmap, involve different people in your organization and ensure you have the skills to achieve your goals.
Recent clients include major national organisations, multi-national businesses and organisations where there are teams across many continents.

The consultancy starts with scoping meetings with the marketing team to understand the real issues and to agree who will do what.
From this, consultancy can involve a series of workshops with cross-functional teams to look at various issues and agree the over-arching digital strategy.

With some organisations it is about moving towards digital transformation and building the roadmap. In some organisations it involves working with a senior team (one to one or small groups) to bring them up to speed on what’s possible and what to be avoided.
Developing a Digital Marketing Plan needs a clear strategy. It should be integrated into your main marketing plan – it’s not a separate document.

Expert consultants for over 20 years, we know what works and what doesn’t. We can help:

  • Create an integrated marketing plan, looking at offline, traditional marketing (a lot of this still works) and online marketing.
  • Advise the best approach for your business.
  • Generate quick wins to get your team moving.
  • And even discuss whether apps are right for your business.
  • And talk about how your business can grow, using the right tools.

We’ve got a practical, no nonsense approach that works. Some clients have consulted us for over 10 years. Others have successfully sold their businesses based on our models.

We’re UK based and charge fees based on time and location. Call now 01543 258522 so we can start moving your business forward.